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MailPace now supports tagging emails 🏷️

April 01, 2021

We’ve just launched another new feature - you can now tag / label emails that are sent through the MailPace service. Our HTTPS API, Rails gem, Node.js library and SMTP gateway have all been updated to support tags.

If you have any tagged emails on your domain a small dropdown will appear on the top right of your dashboard, selecting a tag will update the totals and charts to show only those that have been tagged. This way you can track and see how many emails have been sent for a given category (e.g. how many password reset emails did I send this month?)

You can tag emails with one tag, or multiple tags.

Check out the MailPace Documentation for details on how to send tagged emails.

We’d love to hear your feedback - feel free to send a note through to us at if you have any comments.

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